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Real life people with real life results sharing real life stories! This is what MetaboliX can do for you!

Name: Deborah Francis

Age: 24

Status: Single

Occupation: IT Consultant

Height: 5’7”

Pounds and Inches Lost: 35.2 Lbs & 6.5 Inches


I have always been overweight. The year that made the biggest difference was 2007 when I crossed the 200lbs mark. Since then the downward spiral continued to a point where I was 240lbs at my heaviest. I had tried working out in a gym and calorie counting to lose weight but the results were not lasting at all. I have always said that doest and weight loss programs don’t work so I never did one. I heard about Metabolix from a friend who I know would not do such a program unless she was sure it was safe and worked.

I decided that it was time I invest in my health and started the program. By the end of the first week my pants were loose. By week 4 I had to retire most of my jeans which were too big even with a belt. Having completed the program I now fit clothes that I have not worn since I was 14 (10 years ago). Most surprising to me was that I lost lots of weight from my midsection (6.5 inches from my waist in 8 weeks). The best thing about it is it was not a generic plan. I learned what MY body needs, and how to provide what it needs. This impacted almost every aspect of my life. It was tailored for me so that I got the best results with support that continues even after completion. I’ve completed the program and I’m still losing weight! If you are ready to look great, feel great and change your life then don’t wait another day.

Hayley Belle

Age 32

Single parent

Cosmetologist – Self employed

Lost 41lbs & 5.5 inches

I’ve struggled with my weight from my childhood. I was always the bigger one in class and it wasn’t always easy. After having my son I knew it was time to really do something about my weight. Before my son I had tried it all; gyms, diets, pills. I got little results but needed more.

I had heard about MetaboliX through a contact and decided what the hell, I’ll see what it’s all about. After my consultation I knew I had to try it. I got so much information from just that consultation that I knew this was one. There were no injections and the foods were everyday foods that I had at home. No going to the health food stores to get some type of special foods to eat! This was the program for me!

My first week was a challenge but I got through it and when I saw the scale after the first week that was it, I knew I could do the rest. At the end of it all not only did I lose weight but I had a ton of knowledge about various health topics MetaboliX discusses with you and answers questions you may have. The MetaboliX team is amazing. I was given so much knowledge even when it didn’t have anything to do with the program. This has been the best program I have come across and would recommend anyone to try it out. I promise you won’t regret it!

Name: Karen Ruck    

Age: 43

Family Status: Single

Occupation: Operations Co-ordinator

Location: Christ Church Barbados

Height: 5ft 6in

Lost: 25+ Lbs & 5 inches


 Take Back My Life


I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and at my heaviest topped the scales at 200lbs. I was able to lose the weight and managed to get down to 140lbs but then we all know what happens next, LIFE happens. 

We get older, have children, become complacent and so the lbs. sneak their way back on, so what do we do, we get depressed, eat more, try the latest crazy diet out on the market that doesn’t work, eat more, it all turns into a vicious circle that seems to have no end.

I was at the point where I needed to find a solution and not a quick fix.  That’s when I discovered Metabolix.  It was now or never as I was no longer happy carrying around these extra lbs. So I took the plunge and made that phone call.

Having done weight loss plans in the past, I thought I knew how my next 7 weeks would go, not much food, not much energy and thinking what am I doing this for.  I was however very shocked and even though the first week was the hardest, I never felt hungry or weak. 

With the guidance of Metabolix, I was taught how and what to eat in order to fuel my body and lose weight safely and for long terms results.  I learned how to consume the right types of food to help me maximize weight loss and with the personally designed exercise program I was able to melt unwanted lbs. away. 

I have now finished the program and am able to live in the real world and actually LIVE and not let my weight consume me.  I am still losing weight and cannot wait to wake up and bounce out of bed with all the energy I now have.


Metabolix has changed my life for the better, let it change yours J


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