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  Even though we may have a high success rate with rapid but safe weightloss, we focus on long term weight management and optimal health solutions. We aim to have each client not only lose weight but live a fit & healthier life. We offer post weight loss care, nutritional consultancy, detox and other programs which are effective and affordable

in achieving a fit, healthier, quality life. With us you will have true success! look better, feel better and live better!



Our programs are structured, fully customizable and unique to your needs. You are not on your own any more. we will be here every step of the way; and after losing the weight, we will continue to work with you to ensure you do not gain it back! True success is not for a moment, but for a lifetime!


Want to gain muscle mass or just tone? Maybe be more flexible or athletic? Lack motivation? Don’t want to buy bulky equipment?  Not know where to start or what to do? Or maybe you’re tired of jumping from program to program or from DVDs that become a routine and still give little or no results?
Don’t stay in the dark, let us assess your fitness level, design a program specific to your needs and work with you all the way. Gone are the days when Personal Trainers were only for athletes, celebrities and the very wealthy. You can now afford one!



Need a full boxy detox or want to target a specific organ/body system? Do you lack energy, always tired & drained, feel bloated, gaining weight, bad bowel movements, get sick easily? You may need to detoxify! Fill our checklist to ascertain your detox level need. Let us help you eliminate harmful toxins in your body, raise your immunity and enhance circulation & efficiency of metabolic processes and get your body up to optimal performance. 



Medical research undeniably supports the remarkable effects that nutrition plays in optimizing our health, quality of life, optimal performance and longevity. Need advice on diet & healthy eating? How about tailoring nutritional needs for a dependant? Or eating to prevent or aid in treatment of chronic conditions? Our nutritionist can help you! We offer one on one and group consultations aswell as long-term nutritional coaching services. Your most important asset is YOU. What you put in is what you will get out. Create a new you today, there is no better time than NOW!
Also ask about our Healthy & Wellbeing Course. Contact us for more info!


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