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We are PUR

              A healthy lifestyle begins with making healthier choices, like removing artificial sweeteners and flavors from your everyday products by making simple substitutions in everyday favorites without compromising quality. With a growing number of health-conscious consumers and dietary restrictions, we ensure anything PUR is made just for you. No one should feel left out! PUR is safe for children, adults and any person seeking to avoid chemicals!

After all, we can’t spell PUR without U!



Why use PUR?

Sugar free

Most sugar-free gums, breath mints, beverages and candies are sweetened with aspartame, the man-made synthetic sweetener. Made with your health in mind, we are completely sugar and aspartame-free! Made for everyone we are diabetic friendly. (Aspartame is the man-made synthetic sweetener. The FDA lists 92 symptoms reported from the use of aspartame including headaches, dizziness and nausea)

Natural flavors

Our delicious gum and mints are made with 100% all-natural flavors! Our products have long-lasting delicious flavor thanks to MSG-free powders and essential oils relevant to each flavor, e.g. Pomegranate Mint uses natural pomegranate powder, derived from the super-fruit itself, as well as real mint extract! You may see tocopherol listed in our ingredients, it’s simply Vitamin E!

Gluten free

Gluten? That’s crumby! Our gum and mints are 100% gluten free, making our products perfect for individuals with celiac or sensitivities to gluten. Many don’t realize that gluten hides in many unsuspecting products. It can linger in artificial flavors and colors, which often aren’t always listed on the label. Beyond that, not all manufacturing facilities are gluten free and some conveyer belts are coated in flour. PUR is 100% gluten free!



No animals or animal by-products are used in our gum and mints! We are certified Vegan!


Our gum and mints are Swiss-Made and certified non-GMO! Did you know that the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are against the federal law in Switzerland?

100% Xylitol

Our gum and mints are naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol derived from wood sourced sustainably from birch and beech trees in Finland. 6 grams* of Xylitol per day reduces decay-causing bacteria and helps to decrease plaque build-up and stimulates saliva which helps wash away bacteria. However, like chocolate, xylitol is toxic for dogs even when consumed in small amounts.

We are also diabetic friendly since Xylitol is one of the lowest sweeteners on the glycemic index*, so everyone can safely use PUR without spiking blood sugar levels!

Nut & peanut free

Our gum and mints are 100% nut & peanut free. They are manufactured in allergen-friendly facility in Switzerland, making them safe to share!

Value without compromise

Imagine all these benefits and we are still affordable. At $0.30 Bds & $0.20 Bds per mint & gum respectively, the choice is PURly Clear!

PUR Barbadps Mints Gum


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